CPAN Dashboard - PSCUST


A dashboard to see the state of PSCUST's CPAN modules.

You can download this data as JSON.

Name / Repo MetaCPAN CPANTS Date Bugs GH Actions
CPU-Z80-Assembler CPAN version for CPU-Z80-Assembler Kwalitee for CPU-Z80-Assembler 2023-05-27 🐞 GH Action CI
CPU-Z80-Disassembler CPAN version for CPU-Z80-Disassembler Kwalitee for CPU-Z80-Disassembler 2023-05-27 🐞 GH Action CI
Parse-FSM CPAN version for Parse-FSM Kwalitee for Parse-FSM 2016-05-16 GH Action CI
Preproc-Tiny CPAN version for Preproc-Tiny Kwalitee for Preproc-Tiny 2016-05-12 GH Action CI
Text-MacroScript CPAN version for Text-MacroScript Kwalitee for Text-MacroScript 2023-05-18 GH Action CI