CPAN Dashboard - NHORNE


A dashboard to see the state of NHORNE's CPAN modules.

You can download this data as JSON.

Name / Repo MetaCPAN CPANTS Date Bugs GH Actions Travis CI (.org) Appveyor CI Coveralls
CGI-ACL CPAN version for CGI-ACL Kwalitee for CGI-ACL 2024-04-02 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for CGI-ACL Build status for CGI-ACL Test coverage for CGI-ACL
CGI-Buffer CPAN version for CGI-Buffer Kwalitee for CGI-Buffer 2023-10-20 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for CGI-Buffer Build status for CGI-Buffer Test coverage for CGI-Buffer
CGI-Info CPAN version for CGI-Info Kwalitee for CGI-Info 2024-04-09 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for CGI-Info Build status for CGI-Info Test coverage for CGI-Info
CGI-Lingua CPAN version for CGI-Lingua Kwalitee for CGI-Lingua 2024-02-14 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for CGI-Lingua Build status for CGI-Lingua Test coverage for CGI-Lingua
CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince CPAN version for CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince Kwalitee for CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince 2019-12-15 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince Build status for CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince Test coverage for CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince
CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince-GB CPAN version for CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince-GB Kwalitee for CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince-GB 2019-12-11 GH Action CI Build status for CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince-GB Build status for CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince-GB Test coverage for CGI-Untaint-CountyStateProvince-GB
CGI-Untaint-Facebook CPAN version for CGI-Untaint-Facebook Kwalitee for CGI-Untaint-Facebook 2023-04-14 GH Action CI Build status for CGI-Untaint-Facebook Build status for CGI-Untaint-Facebook Test coverage for CGI-Untaint-Facebook
CGI-Untaint-Twitter CPAN version for CGI-Untaint-Twitter Kwalitee for CGI-Untaint-Twitter 2019-12-03 GH Action CI Build status for CGI-Untaint-Twitter Build status for CGI-Untaint-Twitter Test coverage for CGI-Untaint-Twitter
CHI-Driver-SharedMem CPAN version for CHI-Driver-SharedMem Kwalitee for CHI-Driver-SharedMem 2023-08-30 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for CHI-Driver-SharedMem Build status for CHI-Driver-SharedMem Test coverage for CHI-Driver-SharedMem
Class-Simple-Cached CPAN version for Class-Simple-Cached Kwalitee for Class-Simple-Cached 2021-03-02 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Class-Simple-Cached Build status for Class-Simple-Cached Test coverage for Class-Simple-Cached
Class-Simple-Readonly-Cached CPAN version for Class-Simple-Readonly-Cached Kwalitee for Class-Simple-Readonly-Cached 2023-03-13 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Class-Simple-Readonly-Cached Build status for Class-Simple-Readonly-Cached Test coverage for Class-Simple-Readonly-Cached
Comment-Spell CPAN version for Comment-Spell Kwalitee for Comment-Spell 2021-04-30 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Comment-Spell Build status for Comment-Spell Test coverage for Comment-Spell
DBD-XMLSimple CPAN version for DBD-XMLSimple Kwalitee for DBD-XMLSimple 2024-02-02 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for DBD-XMLSimple Build status for DBD-XMLSimple Test coverage for DBD-XMLSimple
DBIx-AnyDBD CPAN version for DBIx-AnyDBD Kwalitee for DBIx-AnyDBD 2020-11-14 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for DBIx-AnyDBD Build status for DBIx-AnyDBD Test coverage for DBIx-AnyDBD
Data-Fetch CPAN version for Data-Fetch Kwalitee for Data-Fetch 2020-11-24 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Data-Fetch Build status for Data-Fetch Test coverage for Data-Fetch
Data-Text CPAN version for Data-Text Kwalitee for Data-Text 2024-03-09 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Data-Text Build status for Data-Text Test coverage for Data-Text
Database-Abstraction CPAN version for Database-Abstraction Kwalitee for Database-Abstraction 2024-02-23 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Database-Abstraction Build status for Database-Abstraction Test coverage for Database-Abstraction
DateTime-Format-Genealogy CPAN version for DateTime-Format-Genealogy Kwalitee for DateTime-Format-Genealogy 2023-03-02 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for DateTime-Format-Genealogy Build status for DateTime-Format-Genealogy Test coverage for DateTime-Format-Genealogy
DateTime-Format-Text CPAN version for DateTime-Format-Text Kwalitee for DateTime-Format-Text 2024-04-06 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for DateTime-Format-Text Build status for DateTime-Format-Text Test coverage for DateTime-Format-Text
FCGI-Buffer CPAN version for FCGI-Buffer Kwalitee for FCGI-Buffer 2023-09-02 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for FCGI-Buffer Build status for FCGI-Buffer Test coverage for FCGI-Buffer
File-Open-NoCache-ReadOnly CPAN version for File-Open-NoCache-ReadOnly Kwalitee for File-Open-NoCache-ReadOnly 2019-08-12 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for File-Open-NoCache-ReadOnly Build status for File-Open-NoCache-ReadOnly Test coverage for File-Open-NoCache-ReadOnly
File-Print-Many CPAN version for File-Print-Many Kwalitee for File-Print-Many 2023-10-23 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for File-Print-Many Build status for File-Print-Many Test coverage for File-Print-Many
File-pfopen CPAN version for File-pfopen Kwalitee for File-pfopen 2017-06-16 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for File-pfopen Build status for File-pfopen Test coverage for File-pfopen
Genealogy-ChroniclingAmerica CPAN version for Genealogy-ChroniclingAmerica Kwalitee for Genealogy-ChroniclingAmerica 2019-11-17 GH Action CI Build status for Genealogy-ChroniclingAmerica Build status for Genealogy-ChroniclingAmerica Test coverage for Genealogy-ChroniclingAmerica
Genealogy-ObituaryDailyTimes CPAN version for Genealogy-ObituaryDailyTimes Kwalitee for Genealogy-ObituaryDailyTimes 2024-02-08 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Genealogy-ObituaryDailyTimes Build status for Genealogy-ObituaryDailyTimes Test coverage for Genealogy-ObituaryDailyTimes
Genealogy-Wills CPAN version for Genealogy-Wills Kwalitee for Genealogy-Wills 2024-02-19 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Genealogy-Wills Build status for Genealogy-Wills Test coverage for Genealogy-Wills
Geo-Coder-Abbreviations CPAN version for Geo-Coder-Abbreviations Kwalitee for Geo-Coder-Abbreviations 2024-02-27 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-Coder-Abbreviations Build status for Geo-Coder-Abbreviations Test coverage for Geo-Coder-Abbreviations
Geo-Coder-CA CPAN version for Geo-Coder-CA Kwalitee for Geo-Coder-CA 2023-04-21 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-Coder-CA Build status for Geo-Coder-CA Test coverage for Geo-Coder-CA
Geo-Coder-DataScienceToolkit CPAN version for Geo-Coder-DataScienceToolkit Kwalitee for Geo-Coder-DataScienceToolkit 2019-02-02 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-Coder-DataScienceToolkit Build status for Geo-Coder-DataScienceToolkit Test coverage for Geo-Coder-DataScienceToolkit
Geo-Coder-Free CPAN version for Geo-Coder-Free Kwalitee for Geo-Coder-Free 2024-03-07 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-Coder-Free Build status for Geo-Coder-Free Test coverage for Geo-Coder-Free
Geo-Coder-GooglePlaces CPAN version for Geo-Coder-GooglePlaces Kwalitee for Geo-Coder-GooglePlaces 2023-04-29 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-Coder-GooglePlaces Build status for Geo-Coder-GooglePlaces Test coverage for Geo-Coder-GooglePlaces
Geo-Coder-List CPAN version for Geo-Coder-List Kwalitee for Geo-Coder-List 2023-10-07 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-Coder-List Build status for Geo-Coder-List Test coverage for Geo-Coder-List
Geo-Coder-Mapbox CPAN version for Geo-Coder-Mapbox Kwalitee for Geo-Coder-Mapbox 2021-10-05 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-Coder-Mapbox Build status for Geo-Coder-Mapbox Test coverage for Geo-Coder-Mapbox
Geo-Coder-Postcodes CPAN version for Geo-Coder-Postcodes Kwalitee for Geo-Coder-Postcodes 2022-02-09 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-Coder-Postcodes Build status for Geo-Coder-Postcodes Test coverage for Geo-Coder-Postcodes
Geo-Coder-US-Census CPAN version for Geo-Coder-US-Census Kwalitee for Geo-Coder-US-Census 2023-01-31 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-Coder-US-Census Build status for Geo-Coder-US-Census Test coverage for Geo-Coder-US-Census
Geo-Coder-XYZ CPAN version for Geo-Coder-XYZ Kwalitee for Geo-Coder-XYZ 2018-06-21 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-Coder-XYZ Build status for Geo-Coder-XYZ Test coverage for Geo-Coder-XYZ
Geo-GeoNames CPAN version for Geo-GeoNames Kwalitee for Geo-GeoNames 2022-06-10 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-GeoNames Build status for Geo-GeoNames Test coverage for Geo-GeoNames
Geo-Location-Point CPAN version for Geo-Location-Point Kwalitee for Geo-Location-Point 2023-11-13 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Geo-Location-Point Build status for Geo-Location-Point Test coverage for Geo-Location-Point
HTML-SimpleLinkExtor CPAN version for HTML-SimpleLinkExtor Kwalitee for HTML-SimpleLinkExtor 2020-11-13 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for HTML-SimpleLinkExtor Build status for HTML-SimpleLinkExtor Test coverage for HTML-SimpleLinkExtor
HTML-SocialMedia CPAN version for HTML-SocialMedia Kwalitee for HTML-SocialMedia 2020-01-18 GH Action CI Build status for HTML-SocialMedia Build status for HTML-SocialMedia Test coverage for HTML-SocialMedia
LWP-UserAgent-Throttled CPAN version for LWP-UserAgent-Throttled Kwalitee for LWP-UserAgent-Throttled 2024-03-30 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for LWP-UserAgent-Throttled Build status for LWP-UserAgent-Throttled Test coverage for LWP-UserAgent-Throttled
Lingua-Conjunction CPAN version for Lingua-Conjunction Kwalitee for Lingua-Conjunction 2024-02-24 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Lingua-Conjunction Build status for Lingua-Conjunction Test coverage for Lingua-Conjunction
Lingua-FR-Nums2Words CPAN version for Lingua-FR-Nums2Words Kwalitee for Lingua-FR-Nums2Words 2020-11-13 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Lingua-FR-Nums2Words Build status for Lingua-FR-Nums2Words Test coverage for Lingua-FR-Nums2Words
Lingua-String CPAN version for Lingua-String Kwalitee for Lingua-String 2022-03-15 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Lingua-String Build status for Lingua-String Test coverage for Lingua-String
Locale-AU CPAN version for Locale-AU Kwalitee for Locale-AU 2020-05-18 GH Action CI Build status for Locale-AU Build status for Locale-AU Test coverage for Locale-AU
Locale-CA CPAN version for Locale-CA Kwalitee for Locale-CA 2023-02-25 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Locale-CA Build status for Locale-CA Test coverage for Locale-CA
Locale-Codes-Country-FR CPAN version for Locale-Codes-Country-FR Kwalitee for Locale-Codes-Country-FR 2019-09-13 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Locale-Codes-Country-FR Build status for Locale-Codes-Country-FR Test coverage for Locale-Codes-Country-FR
Locale-Places CPAN version for Locale-Places Kwalitee for Locale-Places 2024-04-11 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Locale-Places Build status for Locale-Places Test coverage for Locale-Places
Log-Dispatch-Email-Sendmail CPAN version for Log-Dispatch-Email-Sendmail Kwalitee for Log-Dispatch-Email-Sendmail 2023-11-20 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Log-Dispatch-Email-Sendmail Build status for Log-Dispatch-Email-Sendmail Test coverage for Log-Dispatch-Email-Sendmail
Log-Log4perl-Layout-Syslog CPAN version for Log-Log4perl-Layout-Syslog Kwalitee for Log-Log4perl-Layout-Syslog 2017-08-18 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Log-Log4perl-Layout-Syslog Build status for Log-Log4perl-Layout-Syslog Test coverage for Log-Log4perl-Layout-Syslog
Log-WarnDie CPAN version for Log-WarnDie Kwalitee for Log-WarnDie 2017-09-12 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Log-WarnDie Build status for Log-WarnDie Test coverage for Log-WarnDie
Sub-Private CPAN version for Sub-Private Kwalitee for Sub-Private 2020-09-17 GH Action CI Build status for Sub-Private Build status for Sub-Private Test coverage for Sub-Private
Test-HTTPStatus CPAN version for Test-HTTPStatus Kwalitee for Test-HTTPStatus 2020-11-14 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Test-HTTPStatus Build status for Test-HTTPStatus Test coverage for Test-HTTPStatus
Text-Names-GB CPAN version for Text-Names-GB Kwalitee for Text-Names-GB 2019-04-21 GH Action CI Build status for Text-Names-GB Build status for Text-Names-GB Test coverage for Text-Names-GB
TimeZone-TimeZoneDB CPAN version for TimeZone-TimeZoneDB Kwalitee for TimeZone-TimeZoneDB 2023-04-07 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for TimeZone-TimeZoneDB Build status for TimeZone-TimeZoneDB Test coverage for TimeZone-TimeZoneDB
WWW-Scrape-FindaGrave CPAN version for WWW-Scrape-FindaGrave Kwalitee for WWW-Scrape-FindaGrave 2018-08-28 GH Action CI Build status for WWW-Scrape-FindaGrave Build status for WWW-Scrape-FindaGrave Test coverage for WWW-Scrape-FindaGrave
Weather-Meteo CPAN version for Weather-Meteo Kwalitee for Weather-Meteo 2023-11-28 🐞 GH Action CI Build status for Weather-Meteo Build status for Weather-Meteo Test coverage for Weather-Meteo