A dashboard to see the state of TEODESIAN's CPAN modules.

You can download this data as JSON.

Name / Repo MetaCPAN CPANTS Date Bugs Travis CI (.org) Coveralls
App-Prove-Plugin-Elasticsearch CPAN version for App-Prove-Plugin-Elasticsearch Kwalitee for App-Prove-Plugin-Elasticsearch 2018-06-18 🐞 Build status for App-Prove-Plugin-Elasticsearch Test coverage for App-Prove-Plugin-Elasticsearch
Audit-Log CPAN version for Audit-Log Kwalitee for Audit-Log 2023-07-11 🐞 Build status for Audit-Log Test coverage for Audit-Log
Playwright CPAN version for Playwright Kwalitee for Playwright 2023-04-18 🐞 Build status for Playwright Test coverage for Playwright
Selenium-Client CPAN version for Selenium-Client Kwalitee for Selenium-Client 2023-09-19 🐞 Build status for Selenium-Client Test coverage for Selenium-Client
Selenium-Remote-Driver CPAN version for Selenium-Remote-Driver Kwalitee for Selenium-Remote-Driver 2023-04-06 🐞 Build status for Selenium-Remote-Driver Test coverage for Selenium-Remote-Driver
TestLink-API CPAN version for TestLink-API Kwalitee for TestLink-API 2014-12-05 🐞 Build status for TestLink-API Test coverage for TestLink-API
TestRail-API CPAN version for TestRail-API Kwalitee for TestRail-API 2022-09-11 🐞 Build status for TestRail-API Test coverage for TestRail-API