A dashboard to see the state of PETDANCE's CPAN modules.

You can download this data as JSON.

Name / Repo MetaCPAN CPANTS Date Bugs GH Actions
File-Next CPAN version for File-Next Kwalitee for File-Next 2019-08-27 🐞 GH Action testsuite
HTML-Lint CPAN version for HTML-Lint Kwalitee for HTML-Lint 2018-06-22 🐞 GH Action testsuite
HTML-Tagset CPAN version for HTML-Tagset Kwalitee for HTML-Tagset 2024-03-11 🐞 GH Action testsuite
HTML-Tidy CPAN version for HTML-Tidy Kwalitee for HTML-Tidy 2017-09-13 🐞 GH Action testsuite
HTML-Tidy5 CPAN version for HTML-Tidy5 Kwalitee for HTML-Tidy5 2019-10-26 🐞 GH Action testsuite
List-Cycle CPAN version for List-Cycle Kwalitee for List-Cycle 2020-12-23 🐞 GH Action testsuite
Perl-Critic CPAN version for Perl-Critic Kwalitee for Perl-Critic 2023-10-17 🐞 GH Action testsuite
Perl-Critic-Bangs CPAN version for Perl-Critic-Bangs Kwalitee for Perl-Critic-Bangs 2017-05-25 🐞 GH Action testsuite
Perl-Critic-StricterSubs CPAN version for Perl-Critic-StricterSubs Kwalitee for Perl-Critic-StricterSubs 2022-04-26 🐞 GH Action testsuite
SQL-Tiny CPAN version for SQL-Tiny Kwalitee for SQL-Tiny 2019-04-07 🐞 GH Action testsuite
Test-Perl-Critic CPAN version for Test-Perl-Critic Kwalitee for Test-Perl-Critic 2018-03-26 🐞 GH Action testsuite
Test-Taint CPAN version for Test-Taint Kwalitee for Test-Taint 2019-06-12 GH Action testsuite
Test-WWW-Mechanize CPAN version for Test-WWW-Mechanize Kwalitee for Test-WWW-Mechanize 2022-12-05 🐞 GH Action testsuite
ack CPAN version for ack Kwalitee for ack 2023-02-27 🐞 GH Action testsuite