CPAN Dashboard - MANWAR


A dashboard to see the state of MANWAR's CPAN modules.

You can download this data as JSON.

Name / Repo MetaCPAN CPANTS Date Bugs GH Actions
Address-PostCode-Australia CPAN version for Address-PostCode-Australia Kwalitee for Address-PostCode-Australia 2019-01-18 GH Action CI
Address-PostCode-India CPAN version for Address-PostCode-India Kwalitee for Address-PostCode-India 2019-01-19 GH Action CI
Address-PostCode-UK CPAN version for Address-PostCode-UK Kwalitee for Address-PostCode-UK 2019-01-17 GH Action CI
Address-PostCode-UserAgent CPAN version for Address-PostCode-UserAgent Kwalitee for Address-PostCode-UserAgent 2019-01-16 GH Action CI
App-Search-BackPAN CPAN version for App-Search-BackPAN Kwalitee for App-Search-BackPAN 2021-05-31 GH Action CI
App-Timer CPAN version for App-Timer Kwalitee for App-Timer 2022-04-28 GH Action CI
App-ValidateBankAccount CPAN version for App-ValidateBankAccount Kwalitee for App-ValidateBankAccount 2019-09-17 GH Action CI
App-calendr CPAN version for App-calendr Kwalitee for App-calendr 2019-09-21 GH Action CI
Astro-Utils CPAN version for Astro-Utils Kwalitee for Astro-Utils 2017-12-20 GH Action CI
BankAccount-Validator-UK CPAN version for BankAccount-Validator-UK Kwalitee for BankAccount-Validator-UK 2022-08-09 GH Action CI
CGI-Simple CPAN version for CGI-Simple Kwalitee for CGI-Simple 2024-01-31 GH Action CI
CPAN-Search-Tester CPAN version for CPAN-Search-Tester Kwalitee for CPAN-Search-Tester 2015-01-19 GH Action CI
CPANTS-Kwalitee-Report CPAN version for CPANTS-Kwalitee-Report Kwalitee for CPANTS-Kwalitee-Report 2018-10-25 GH Action CI
Calendar-Bahai CPAN version for Calendar-Bahai Kwalitee for Calendar-Bahai 2019-10-21 GH Action CI
Calendar-Gregorian CPAN version for Calendar-Gregorian Kwalitee for Calendar-Gregorian 2019-10-22 GH Action CI
Calendar-Hebrew CPAN version for Calendar-Hebrew Kwalitee for Calendar-Hebrew 2019-10-23 GH Action CI
Calendar-Hijri CPAN version for Calendar-Hijri Kwalitee for Calendar-Hijri 2019-10-24 GH Action CI
Calendar-Julian CPAN version for Calendar-Julian Kwalitee for Calendar-Julian 2020-06-25 GH Action CI
Calendar-Persian CPAN version for Calendar-Persian Kwalitee for Calendar-Persian 2019-10-26 GH Action CI
Calendar-Plugin-Renderer CPAN version for Calendar-Plugin-Renderer Kwalitee for Calendar-Plugin-Renderer 2019-09-15 GH Action CI
Calendar-Saka CPAN version for Calendar-Saka Kwalitee for Calendar-Saka 2019-10-27 GH Action CI
Check-ISA CPAN version for Check-ISA Kwalitee for Check-ISA 2016-09-15 GH Action CI
Compare-Directory CPAN version for Compare-Directory Kwalitee for Compare-Directory 2019-10-06 GH Action CI
Crypt-Affine CPAN version for Crypt-Affine Kwalitee for Crypt-Affine 2019-09-24 GH Action CI
Crypt-Hill CPAN version for Crypt-Hill Kwalitee for Crypt-Hill 2019-09-25 GH Action CI
Crypt-Image CPAN version for Crypt-Image Kwalitee for Crypt-Image 2024-02-04 GH Action CI
Crypt-Trifid CPAN version for Crypt-Trifid Kwalitee for Crypt-Trifid 2019-09-23 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Plugin-Captcha CPAN version for Dancer2-Plugin-Captcha Kwalitee for Dancer2-Plugin-Captcha 2020-07-10 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Plugin-Chain CPAN version for Dancer2-Plugin-Chain Kwalitee for Dancer2-Plugin-Chain 2019-09-26 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Plugin-Map-Tube CPAN version for Dancer2-Plugin-Map-Tube Kwalitee for Dancer2-Plugin-Map-Tube 2024-02-01 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Plugin-Paginator CPAN version for Dancer2-Plugin-Paginator Kwalitee for Dancer2-Plugin-Paginator 2019-11-02 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Plugin-Res CPAN version for Dancer2-Plugin-Res Kwalitee for Dancer2-Plugin-Res 2019-11-04 GH Action CI
Data-Money CPAN version for Data-Money Kwalitee for Data-Money 2022-07-04 🐞 GH Action CI
Data-Money-Converter CPAN version for Data-Money-Converter Kwalitee for Data-Money-Converter 2016-03-26 GH Action CI
Data-Money-Converter-WebserviceX CPAN version for Data-Money-Converter-WebserviceX Kwalitee for Data-Money-Converter-WebserviceX 2016-08-01 GH Action CI
Data-Password-Filter CPAN version for Data-Password-Filter Kwalitee for Data-Password-Filter 2018-10-24 GH Action CI
Data-Types CPAN version for Data-Types Kwalitee for Data-Types 2019-02-23 GH Action CI
Data-Verifier CPAN version for Data-Verifier Kwalitee for Data-Verifier 2023-05-02 🐞 GH Action CI
Date-Bahai-Simple CPAN version for Date-Bahai-Simple Kwalitee for Date-Bahai-Simple 2019-10-14 GH Action CI
Date-Exception CPAN version for Date-Exception Kwalitee for Date-Exception 2019-10-12 GH Action CI
Date-Gregorian-Simple CPAN version for Date-Gregorian-Simple Kwalitee for Date-Gregorian-Simple 2019-10-15 GH Action CI
Date-Hebrew-Simple CPAN version for Date-Hebrew-Simple Kwalitee for Date-Hebrew-Simple 2019-10-16 GH Action CI
Date-Hijri-Simple CPAN version for Date-Hijri-Simple Kwalitee for Date-Hijri-Simple 2019-10-17 GH Action CI
Date-Julian-Simple CPAN version for Date-Julian-Simple Kwalitee for Date-Julian-Simple 2021-10-22 GH Action CI
Date-Persian-Simple CPAN version for Date-Persian-Simple Kwalitee for Date-Persian-Simple 2019-10-19 GH Action CI
Date-Saka-Simple CPAN version for Date-Saka-Simple Kwalitee for Date-Saka-Simple 2019-10-20 GH Action CI
Date-Utils CPAN version for Date-Utils Kwalitee for Date-Utils 2019-10-13 GH Action CI
Debug-Client CPAN version for Debug-Client Kwalitee for Debug-Client 2017-07-04 🐞 GH Action CI
Devel-Timer CPAN version for Devel-Timer Kwalitee for Devel-Timer 2022-10-08 GH Action CI
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PkgAuthority CPAN version for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PkgAuthority Kwalitee for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PkgAuthority 2016-02-18 GH Action CI
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-Map-Tube CPAN version for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-Map-Tube Kwalitee for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-Map-Tube 2019-09-11 GH Action CI
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-MANWAR CPAN version for Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-MANWAR Kwalitee for Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-MANWAR 2017-05-12 GH Action CI
File-Same CPAN version for File-Same Kwalitee for File-Same 2016-05-01 GH Action CI
Filesys-DiskUsage CPAN version for Filesys-DiskUsage Kwalitee for Filesys-DiskUsage 2019-07-28 GH Action CI
Food-ECodes CPAN version for Food-ECodes Kwalitee for Food-ECodes 2019-10-04 GH Action CI
Games-Cards-Pair CPAN version for Games-Cards-Pair Kwalitee for Games-Cards-Pair 2019-10-01 GH Action CI
Games-Domino CPAN version for Games-Domino Kwalitee for Games-Domino 2019-10-02 GH Action CI
Games-TicTacToe CPAN version for Games-TicTacToe Kwalitee for Games-TicTacToe 2019-10-03 GH Action CI
Guardian-OpenPlatform-API CPAN version for Guardian-OpenPlatform-API Kwalitee for Guardian-OpenPlatform-API 2017-01-01 GH Action CI
IP-CountryFlag CPAN version for IP-CountryFlag Kwalitee for IP-CountryFlag 2019-10-08 GH Action CI
IP-Info CPAN version for IP-Info Kwalitee for IP-Info 2019-10-05 GH Action CI
LWP-UserAgent-Anonymous CPAN version for LWP-UserAgent-Anonymous Kwalitee for LWP-UserAgent-Anonymous 2015-10-09 GH Action CI
Lingua-IND-Numbers CPAN version for Lingua-IND-Numbers Kwalitee for Lingua-IND-Numbers 2019-10-31 GH Action CI
Map-Tube CPAN version for Map-Tube Kwalitee for Map-Tube 2024-02-29 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-API CPAN version for Map-Tube-API Kwalitee for Map-Tube-API 2024-01-28 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-Barcelona CPAN version for Map-Tube-Barcelona Kwalitee for Map-Tube-Barcelona 2019-08-30 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-CLI CPAN version for Map-Tube-CLI Kwalitee for Map-Tube-CLI 2024-01-28 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-Cookbook CPAN version for Map-Tube-Cookbook Kwalitee for Map-Tube-Cookbook 2017-04-06 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-Delhi CPAN version for Map-Tube-Delhi Kwalitee for Map-Tube-Delhi 2019-10-30 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-Exception CPAN version for Map-Tube-Exception Kwalitee for Map-Tube-Exception 2019-09-19 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-Kolkatta CPAN version for Map-Tube-Kolkatta Kwalitee for Map-Tube-Kolkatta 2019-09-01 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-London CPAN version for Map-Tube-London Kwalitee for Map-Tube-London 2022-05-18 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-Madrid CPAN version for Map-Tube-Madrid Kwalitee for Map-Tube-Madrid 2019-09-02 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-NYC CPAN version for Map-Tube-NYC Kwalitee for Map-Tube-NYC 2019-09-03 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-Plugin-Formatter CPAN version for Map-Tube-Plugin-Formatter Kwalitee for Map-Tube-Plugin-Formatter 2019-09-12 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-Plugin-Graph CPAN version for Map-Tube-Plugin-Graph Kwalitee for Map-Tube-Plugin-Graph 2019-09-13 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-Server CPAN version for Map-Tube-Server Kwalitee for Map-Tube-Server 2024-02-01 GH Action CI
Map-Tube-Tokyo CPAN version for Map-Tube-Tokyo Kwalitee for Map-Tube-Tokyo 2019-09-04 GH Action CI
Method-ParamValidator CPAN version for Method-ParamValidator Kwalitee for Method-ParamValidator 2019-10-09 GH Action CI
MouseX-Params-Validate CPAN version for MouseX-Params-Validate Kwalitee for MouseX-Params-Validate 2016-11-30 GH Action CI
Net-Backpack CPAN version for Net-Backpack Kwalitee for Net-Backpack 2016-04-11 GH Action CI
PDF-Create CPAN version for PDF-Create Kwalitee for PDF-Create 2019-09-30 GH Action CI
Parse-ErrorString-Perl CPAN version for Parse-ErrorString-Perl Kwalitee for Parse-ErrorString-Perl 2017-07-09 🐞 GH Action CI
Pod-Tree CPAN version for Pod-Tree Kwalitee for Pod-Tree 2019-02-22 🐞 GH Action CI
Regexp-Common-time CPAN version for Regexp-Common-time Kwalitee for Regexp-Common-time 2018-02-28 GH Action CI
SVG CPAN version for SVG Kwalitee for SVG 2022-05-19 GH Action CI
Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate CPAN version for Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate Kwalitee for Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate 2018-01-13 GH Action CI
Task-Calendar CPAN version for Task-Calendar Kwalitee for Task-Calendar 2019-10-28 GH Action CI
Term-ProgressBar CPAN version for Term-ProgressBar Kwalitee for Term-ProgressBar 2022-10-08 GH Action CI
Term-Screen-Lite CPAN version for Term-Screen-Lite Kwalitee for Term-Screen-Lite 2018-01-10 GH Action CI
Test-CSS CPAN version for Test-CSS Kwalitee for Test-CSS 2022-10-08 🐞 GH Action CI
Test-Excel CPAN version for Test-Excel Kwalitee for Test-Excel 2024-02-12 GH Action CI
Test-Internet CPAN version for Test-Internet Kwalitee for Test-Internet 2017-08-27 GH Action CI
Test-Map-Tube CPAN version for Test-Map-Tube Kwalitee for Test-Map-Tube 2019-09-09 GH Action CI
Test-Strict CPAN version for Test-Strict Kwalitee for Test-Strict 2019-06-16 🐞 GH Action CI
Test-XPath CPAN version for Test-XPath Kwalitee for Test-XPath 2022-06-13 🐞 GH Action CI
Text-CSV-Pivot CPAN version for Text-CSV-Pivot Kwalitee for Text-CSV-Pivot 2018-06-25 GH Action CI
Text-MostFreqKDistance CPAN version for Text-MostFreqKDistance Kwalitee for Text-MostFreqKDistance 2018-09-03 GH Action CI
Text-Trac CPAN version for Text-Trac Kwalitee for Text-Trac 2018-12-09 GH Action CI
Time-Warp CPAN version for Time-Warp Kwalitee for Time-Warp 2022-09-18 🐞 GH Action CI
URL-Check CPAN version for URL-Check Kwalitee for URL-Check 2016-03-30 GH Action CI
WWW-Google-APIDiscovery CPAN version for WWW-Google-APIDiscovery Kwalitee for WWW-Google-APIDiscovery 2019-02-16 GH Action CI
WWW-Google-CustomSearch CPAN version for WWW-Google-CustomSearch Kwalitee for WWW-Google-CustomSearch 2024-03-01 GH Action CI
WWW-Google-DistanceMatrix CPAN version for WWW-Google-DistanceMatrix Kwalitee for WWW-Google-DistanceMatrix 2019-02-18 GH Action CI
WWW-Google-KnowledgeGraphSearch CPAN version for WWW-Google-KnowledgeGraphSearch Kwalitee for WWW-Google-KnowledgeGraphSearch 2019-02-19 GH Action CI
WWW-Google-PageSpeedOnline CPAN version for WWW-Google-PageSpeedOnline Kwalitee for WWW-Google-PageSpeedOnline 2019-02-20 GH Action CI
WWW-Google-Places CPAN version for WWW-Google-Places Kwalitee for WWW-Google-Places 2019-02-21 GH Action CI
WWW-Google-UserAgent CPAN version for WWW-Google-UserAgent Kwalitee for WWW-Google-UserAgent 2019-02-14 GH Action CI
WWW-MovieReviews-NYT CPAN version for WWW-MovieReviews-NYT Kwalitee for WWW-MovieReviews-NYT 2015-01-20 GH Action CI
WWW-OReillyMedia-Store CPAN version for WWW-OReillyMedia-Store Kwalitee for WWW-OReillyMedia-Store 2015-01-17 GH Action CI
WWW-SmartSheet CPAN version for WWW-SmartSheet Kwalitee for WWW-SmartSheet 2018-02-18 GH Action CI
WWW-StatsMix CPAN version for WWW-StatsMix Kwalitee for WWW-StatsMix 2015-07-21 GH Action CI
WebService-Wikimapia CPAN version for WebService-Wikimapia Kwalitee for WebService-Wikimapia 2019-04-02 GH Action CI
XML-SAX-Simple CPAN version for XML-SAX-Simple Kwalitee for XML-SAX-Simple 2016-11-28 GH Action CI
XML-XPath CPAN version for XML-XPath Kwalitee for XML-XPath 2022-08-09 GH Action CI