CPAN Dashboard - DRCLAW

A dashboard to see the state of DRCLAW's CPAN modules.

You can download this data as JSON.

Name / Repo MetaCPAN CPANTS Date Bugs GH Actions
Data-Combination CPAN version for Data-Combination Kwalitee for Data-Combination 2022-10-23 GH Action CI
Error-Show CPAN version for Error-Show Kwalitee for Error-Show 2023-05-10 🐞 GH Action CI
Export-These CPAN version for Export-These Kwalitee for Export-These 2023-09-07 GH Action CI
File-Meta-Cache CPAN version for File-Meta-Cache Kwalitee for File-Meta-Cache 2023-09-05 GH Action CI
HTTP-State CPAN version for HTTP-State Kwalitee for HTTP-State 2023-08-27 GH Action CI
Hustle-Table CPAN version for Hustle-Table Kwalitee for Hustle-Table 2023-06-08 GH Action CI
IO-FD CPAN version for IO-FD Kwalitee for IO-FD 2023-05-24 GH Action CI
Import-These CPAN version for Import-These Kwalitee for Import-These 2023-08-26 GH Action CI
List-Insertion CPAN version for List-Insertion Kwalitee for List-Insertion 2023-07-07 GH Action CI
Log-OK CPAN version for Log-OK Kwalitee for Log-OK 2023-08-27 GH Action CI
Socket-More CPAN version for Socket-More Kwalitee for Socket-More 2023-09-05 GH Action CI
Sub-Middler CPAN version for Sub-Middler Kwalitee for Sub-Middler 2023-03-12 GH Action CI
Template-Plex CPAN version for Template-Plex Kwalitee for Template-Plex 2023-08-28 GH Action CI
constant-more CPAN version for constant-more Kwalitee for constant-more 2023-09-12 GH Action CI
uSAC-MIME CPAN version for uSAC-MIME Kwalitee for uSAC-MIME 2022-03-31 GH Action CI