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Name / Repo MetaCPAN CPANTS Date Bugs GH Actions
CGI-Application-Plugin-CAPTCHA CPAN version for CGI-Application-Plugin-CAPTCHA Kwalitee for CGI-Application-Plugin-CAPTCHA 2011-01-06 GH Action CI
Dancer-Debug CPAN version for Dancer-Debug Kwalitee for Dancer-Debug 2024-04-14 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer-Plugin-reCAPTCHA CPAN version for Dancer-Plugin-reCAPTCHA Kwalitee for Dancer-Plugin-reCAPTCHA 2018-11-10 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer-Session-PSGI CPAN version for Dancer-Session-PSGI Kwalitee for Dancer-Session-PSGI 2024-04-14 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer-Template-Xslate CPAN version for Dancer-Template-Xslate Kwalitee for Dancer-Template-Xslate 2024-04-14 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2 CPAN version for Dancer2 Kwalitee for Dancer2 2023-12-12 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Logger-Log4perl CPAN version for Dancer2-Logger-Log4perl Kwalitee for Dancer2-Logger-Log4perl 2023-12-17 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Plugin-Ajax CPAN version for Dancer2-Plugin-Ajax Kwalitee for Dancer2-Plugin-Ajax 2018-11-13 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Plugin-Minion CPAN version for Dancer2-Plugin-Minion Kwalitee for Dancer2-Plugin-Minion 2020-12-20 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Plugin-Queue CPAN version for Dancer2-Plugin-Queue Kwalitee for Dancer2-Plugin-Queue 2016-01-26 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Plugin-Syntax-GetPost CPAN version for Dancer2-Plugin-Syntax-GetPost Kwalitee for Dancer2-Plugin-Syntax-GetPost 2023-12-13 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Plugin-Syntax-ParamKeywords CPAN version for Dancer2-Plugin-Syntax-ParamKeywords Kwalitee for Dancer2-Plugin-Syntax-ParamKeywords 2021-05-14 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Session-CHI CPAN version for Dancer2-Session-CHI Kwalitee for Dancer2-Session-CHI 2023-02-05 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Session-JSON CPAN version for Dancer2-Session-JSON Kwalitee for Dancer2-Session-JSON 2020-04-10 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Session-MongoDB CPAN version for Dancer2-Session-MongoDB Kwalitee for Dancer2-Session-MongoDB 2016-08-17 🐞 GH Action CI
Dancer2-Template-Xslate CPAN version for Dancer2-Template-Xslate Kwalitee for Dancer2-Template-Xslate 2023-02-05 🐞 GH Action CI