A dashboard to see the state of BYTEROCK's CPAN modules.

You can download this data as JSON.

Name / Repo MetaCPAN CPANTS Date Bugs GH Actions Coveralls
Mojolicious-Command-generate-routes_restsful CPAN version for Mojolicious-Command-generate-routes_restsful Kwalitee for Mojolicious-Command-generate-routes_restsful 2016-12-12 🐞 GH Action CI Test coverage for Mojolicious-Command-generate-routes_restsful
Mojolicious-Command-generate-routes_restsful_just_routes CPAN version for Mojolicious-Command-generate-routes_restsful_just_routes Kwalitee for Mojolicious-Command-generate-routes_restsful_just_routes 2016-12-12 🐞 GH Action CI Test coverage for Mojolicious-Command-generate-routes_restsful_just_routes
Mojolicious-Plugin-Authorization CPAN version for Mojolicious-Plugin-Authorization Kwalitee for Mojolicious-Plugin-Authorization 2021-05-19 🐞 GH Action CI Test coverage for Mojolicious-Plugin-Authorization
Mojolicious-Plugin-Routes-Restful CPAN version for Mojolicious-Plugin-Routes-Restful Kwalitee for Mojolicious-Plugin-Routes-Restful 2023-01-30 🐞 GH Action CI Test coverage for Mojolicious-Plugin-Routes-Restful
Orignal CPAN version for Orignal Kwalitee for Orignal 2014-03-22 GH Action CI Test coverage for Orignal